Tuesday, July 14, 2015

White, Black, and Pink all over

Even though it is the middle of Summer, I cannot resist a good knit sweater (especially if its pink.) Pink with white and black has always been one of my favorite color combinations.
 I love the striped trimming around the collar and cuffs, which happened to coordinate well with these black and white striped trousers from American Apparel I bought a while back. Oversized looks can be tricky because they tend to be unflattering. However, there is no denying the comfort of this silhouette. Fashion doesn't have to be constricting and contrived.

Unfortunately, I do not remember where I bought the sunglasses from. Luckily reflector shades are popular this summer so they are not hard to find. I am loving shades that have reflector lenses; it adds a hint of flashiness to any outfit. 

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