Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simply A Muse

Crossback Jumpsuit: American Apparel

Last week I traveled back to my hometown of Maryland and collaborated with fellow local blogger and photographer Ann Wynn. We connected through Instagram and I was an admirer of her style and photos so I was pretty excited to work with her. I met with her at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and she took these amazing images of me. This museum is quite inspiring and made me appreciate the city's architecture. The geometrical details of the building's construction were intricate, yet minimal. There was beauty in the simplicity of the design. It reinforced the rule of thumb that less is sometimes more. 

If there is any rule that I use when it comes to styling, it is "when it doubt, keep it simple." Less can definitely be more when putting a look together. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate an outfit that speaks volumes with details. However, you can still make a strong statement with simplicity.  I chose to do just that with this look and wore little to no accessories. My love for jumpsuits still goes strong, and this jumpsuit is the perfect "day to night" piece. The wide leg is a different silhouette for me that I wanted to try. It also has a cross back strapping detail that I unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to show. 

Check out more of Ann Wynn's work here, and her blog!


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