Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Local Designer Spotlight: Cassie Evanow

Today's local designer spotlight is 25 year old Cassie Evanow. I spotted her designs on Instagram and was immediately impressed by her creativity and originality. Her pieces are one of a kind and sell out with the blink of an eye. I got the chance to interview the young talented designer about her brand and also snag a custom piece of hers!

When did you first start designing?
I've been designing practically my whole life. My mom was a sewer so I was taught early. Most of my early sewing consisted of tailoring/reconstructing hand-me-downs from my brother and sister. In high school I began making dresses and function costumes from scratch.

Who are some of your favorite designers? 
I don't really have any favorite designers, so that's why I became one. I've never been completely amazed by any one designer. Although you could say Betsey Johnson was a pretty big inspiration for me in my younger days.

Who/what inspires you when it comes to your designs?
My current designs are usually inspired by trends of the past. I love bringing back my old favorite looks with a modern twist. 

Who is your customer? Who do you design for?
I design for the modern girl. I love creating wearable looks that combine street and suburb, tomboy and diva, rebellious and conservative. All with a twist of uniqueness. 

 It's clear you take pride in your body shape and size. How do you feel being a voice for not only slimmer women, but for women in general to take pride in their own shape? 
 I don't want people to know me as a brand who just caters to skinny girls, even though that's what my recent designs are best for because I'm used to using myself as a mannequin! However, I am an advocate for skinny girls because I feel like they have been getting the shaft lately with all this big booty hoe nonsense. Nobody should ever be made to feel ashamed of their appearance. God made everybody exactly how they were supposed to be! I faced a lot of insecurities as a teenager who never got boobies, but now I'm proud because I'm me and NOBODY else looks like me. Once I started convincing myself of that, my whole life changed and I started to radiate a whole new sexiness. I would never get any type of cosmetic surgery.  I'm too busy being thankful that I have all my limbs to worry about T&A! 

What's the one thing you can't live without? 
The one thing I couldn't live without would be faith!  I am blessed with the wisdom and understanding that everything is cool and groovy. Granted, I haven't had a very rough life, but when life hits me wit some B.S., I take a deep breath and handle it with grace and confidence.

Whats next for your brand? What goals and aspirations do you have in store?

I keep telling myself that my next goal is to expand and create a real brand, but I'm not in a rush. I'm not interested in any collaborations, I just want to create. I need full creative freedom for the benefit of my mental state right now.  I've been trying to get away from reconstructing existing brands and get more serious about mass production. For now, I just vibe with whatever design I feel like creating that day when I wake up in the morning! 

I love the message that Cassie promotes with being an advocate for her body type. Ironically, I'm not a slim or slender girl, but I do believe that EVERY body type should be appreciated. I love that she was able to design a piece for me to fit my body just right! Check out the pictures of me in my custom piece from Cassie in the above blog post! 

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